Open on Mondays

If you have been to Sheboygan you know on Mondays it can be challenging to find a place to eat... or so you thought!

For Rainy Days

We all know that rainy days can put a damper on a day. But that doesn't mean the rain should keep you from having fun so pull out your umbrella and your rain boots.

Adventures for Kids

When you go on vacation you want everyone to have a great time. There are plenty of activities here that are fun for the whole family.  Check out these fun filled spots for kids in Sheboygan! 

A Girlfriend’s Getaway

Are you and your girlfriends looking for that perfect getaway that offers a mix of natural beauty, calming retreat, upscale food and one-of-a kind retail therapy.

Making Headway on a Segway

Sheboygan can be explored by walking, biking, or by car. Glide up and down the streets and around some of the hottest spots in Sheboygan. Segway the Fox Tours comes all the way from Green Bay to accommodate tours here.

My Master Camping List

Preparing for a camping trip can be a lot of work – trying to remember every little detail is often overwhelming. There is nothing worse than staring at a packed car and saying, “I feel like we’re forgetting something.”

What to Pack for Summer

Summer is about surviving the heat. But even when it is in the 70's and 80's that doesn't mean you can't rock a super cute look! This packing guide can help you pack for any summer road trip you’ll take this year.

The City Green Scene

City Green is a space between the Library and the Art Center for residents and visitors to connect with one another. This wonderful green space provides outdoor arts, culture, and creativity.

Sheboygan Airbnbs Worth Booking

After coming back from my trips abroad, I have fallen in love with Airbnb. I wanted to find ones that felt really Sheboygan-y. You know, beachside, vintage, and/or cozy cottages.

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NEW Sheboygan Visitor Center

Coming 2020, find us on the corner of 8th Street and Riverfront Drive, on the Sheboygan River!