About Sheboygan

What makes Sheboygan so special?

Where is Sheboygan?

The City of Sheboygan rests on the Lake Michigan Shores about halfway along Wisconsin’s eastern seaboard on Interstate I43. Sheboygan is just 55 miles north of Milwaukee, 60 miles south of Green Bay, 110 miles northeast of Madison, 140 miles north of Chicago, and 340 miles from Minneapolis.

Sheboygan map

What is a brat (and where can I get one)?

A bratwurst (or “brat”) is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork or beef. The name is derived from Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, which is finely chopped meat and Wurst, or sausage. Bratwurst is usually grilled or fried, and sometimes (or always) cooked in broth or beer. It is “the meat that made Sheboygan famous.”

View our list of brat-loving restaurants here!

Brat Oath

What is Sheboygan known for?

Learn to speak Sheboyganese

It has been said that here in Sheboygan, WI, we have our own accent – not quite the Yooper accent, but definitely a spin-off of lazy German. We may have our own versions and words for things, but we know what they mean and that’s what matters. So we want to prepare you for your trip to Sheboygan, so that when you hear “dose” or “brat,” you know it doesn’t mean “multiple deer” or “a naughty child.”


A drinking fountain.


Bratwurst/German sausage.

Double brat wit da works

Two brats on a Sheboygan hard roll with everything.

How 'bout dem Packers?

How about those Packers?

Stop 'n go lights

Traffic lights.

Oh Ya!

Oh yeah!

Couple two, tree

A few beers.


En so?

Any thing else? Or Right?





You betcha!

A strongly positive response.

How's by you?

How are things with you?


A remarkable thing.

Com'ere once.

Come over here, please.

Come wit

Come with.

D'ja Eat?

Did you eat?


Fishing for Smelt.


Shouldn't have.

Side by each

Side by side.