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In Sheboygan, we take our brats seriously. We fry brats, and having fryed them to perfection, we dress them on a round (not oblong) Sheboygan hard roll and sprinkle with onion and brown mustard. In 1970, Sheboygan battled Bucyrus, Ohio for the title of Bratwurst Capital of the World. After a grueling duel, the Sheboygan Press reported on August 14, 1970, that Judge John Bolgert had rendered an official decision bestowing the title upon Sheboygan and barring all other claimers from using it.

What is a bratwurst?

A bratwurst (or “brat”) is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork, or beef.

The name is derived from Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, which is finely chopped meat, and Wurst, or sausage. So how did Sheboygan’s sausage makers, bakers, and backyard chefs earn the prestigious title? Well first, you should know that Sheboyganites fry brats on a grill. They absolutely do not grill brats, they fry them…period. To “fry” can mean to cook, not necessarily in oil or fat, but over direct heat. The sausages are roasted in an oven or “fried” over a charcoal fire until browned and served to family and friends. The brat is a social food in Wisconsin. We have brat frys on weekends like folks have BBQs in the south. It is part of a deeply-held tradition.

In the backyard or at a restaurant, that is just simply how it is done in Sheboygan. After frying brats to perfection, they are dressed on a round Sheboygan hard roll (make it a double brat by adding one more to the mix – there’s always room), sprinkled with onion, and topped with brown mustard! And if you are feeling fancy, a few pickle slices to top it off.

Where can I eat Bratwursts in Sheboygan?

Where can I buy Bratwursts in Sheboygan?

Maybe you want to fry a Sheboygan Bratwurst with your family and friends and hear the sizzle while on the back patio, on the beach, or in a park. Two of our favorite places you grab packaged brats for any worthy occasion are as followed…

Miesfeld’s Meat Market has been a family-owned and operated meat market in Sheboygan, Wisconsin since 1941. Three generations and over 75 years later they are still providing customers with quality guaranteed meats and friendly personal service. Meat and Sausage is their business, and they know it well. Miesfeld’s is home to the grand champion bratwurst as well as over 25 varieties of bratwurst. Their champion brat uses fresh lean pork and their grandpa’s 60-year-old secret spice recipe.

Located at 4811 Venture Dr, Sheboygan, WI 53083

For all your meat products, turn to the professionals at Brockman’s Meat Market. Since 1951 they have been providing Sheboygan with fresh meat, homemade sausages, Famous homemade brats, Natural casing wieners, and much more! You can find all your favorite deli meats right here at our market. They sell Kransky sausages, potato salad, brats, wieners, and deer meats. Their friendly staff can also make specialty cut items at your request.

Located at 1708 S 12th St, Sheboygan, WI 53081


What are Sheboygan Hard Rolls?

Our Brat Oath mentions that you must always serve brats on a hard roll. But what exactly is a hard roll anyway? The Sheboygan-style hard rolls are a yeasted dough that looks like a Kaiser roll, round and bun-shaped, except it’s somewhat puffier, with a slightly dimpled split top. As soon as you bite into their thin and crispy crust you are hit with a flavorful, light, and tender taste. After you get a taste you’ll be asking yourself, “Where can I get a hard roll?”