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There is street art all around Sheboygan and it has all the benefits of public art, everyone has access to it. It’s directly in the public sphere and not confined to galleries or museums. Recently the city had local artists come up with designs to showcase Sheboygan on utility boxes. I love seeing all the art popping up around. It adds enormous value to the culture and aesthetic of the community.

City Green: Across from JMKCA

Yellow Flowers: Corner of Calumet and North Ave (by Big Apple Bagels)

Kohler Andrae and wishes, not weeds: corner turning onto Pennsylvania Ave from 14th St.

Astronaut and Sherlock Holmes: The Mead Library Plaza

Tall Ship: South Pier Plaza
Stay Weird Sheboygan: by the bridge near Riverfront Dr.

Located on 25th and Kohler Memorial Drive

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I am originally from Northern Wisconsin but spent my college years in Sheboygan. I love exploring new places around Sheboygan and I want you to fall in love with the area just as I did.  I always have my camera on me in order to capture my adventures and share them on the blog. Follow along with me as I give you insider tips on some of my favorite places to eat and drink, the best ways to experience Lake Michigan, and so much more.

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