Everybody's Gone Surfing

Can you really surf in Sheboygan? Absolutely! We’re not the Fresh Water Surf Capitol of the World for nothing. Because of its location and geography, Sheboygan has some of the best waves on the Great Lakes. But what’s the catch? The best time to surf is in the fall/winter. 

Surfing in the “Malibu of the Midwest”

I finally caught some waves thanks to EOS Surf! My arms felt like noodles afterwards but it was well worth it and I can’t wait to catch more waves!

Before you start surfing, you must know this: surfing is a complex sport. It can be very challenging but it is certainly an enjoyable learning process. I strongly recommend scheduling lessons from EOS Surf Shop. They regularly surf and it is the best way to get advice from people who know what they are talking about.

If you take lessons as I did, EOS will handle everything from getting you sized with a wet-suit to the right board size.

When you get down by the water, it is important to go through all the moves you plan on doing in the water: balancing, paddling, and the pop up. Learning to balance and center yourself on the board was the most difficult part for me. I kept lying too far up or too far back on the board which resulted in it sinking or me rolling off (several times).  Even before venturing into the water, try your pop up a few times.  Your instructor will give you further advice but this pop up position should be swift and seamless. When you first enter the water practice the techniques I mentioned on smaller waves before tackling larger ones.  You’ll feel my comfortable knowing the motions.

At first, it may seem overwhelming but ask questions and just have fun! Surfing is a sport of trial and error. Practice and time are your best friend; they will make you better!

Believe me, you will fall, and fall, and fall… and then you’ll fall some more. The waves will knock you down, you’ll get frustrated, and you’ll even get some bruises. If you get tired, which you will, head to shore and relax. You can always pick up where you left off when your body is ready.  It’s all part of the game and when you finally stand up and ride your first wave; it’ll all be worth it.

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun!” -Phil Edwards

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Sheboygan Lakeside Bonfire

Sheboygan Lakeside Bonfire

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