Sheboygan's Street Art




Sheboygan’s Urban Canvas

Sheboygan is the perfect place to get your fill of art! Art has always played a huge role in Sheboygan’s culture. A few examples include John Michael Kohler Arts Center, the Art Preserve, and James Tellen Woodland Sculpture Garden. In recent years artists have taken to the street and used the urban landscape as a canvas. The best way to describe it is as a translation of passion, creativity, and love through art.

Located on the wall of 513 N 8th St.

Located on the wall of Nikki’s Nex 2 New, 1019 N 8th Street

Jaycee Quarry Park at 3401 Calumet Dr.,
under the bridge by the bike path.

Located on the wall at 832 N 8th Street

Located behind Charcoal Inn North
1637 Geele Ave, on the Shoreline 400 bike trail

Located on the restroom
shelter at Deland Park on
Broughton Dr.

 Jaycee Quarry Park parking lot at
3401 Calumet Dr.

Located in City Green, across from the Mead Public Library, 710 N 8th St.

Located on the wall of Above & Beyond Children’s Museum, 902 N 8th St #4005

Located on the wall of Peabody’s Pizza Company, 1123 N 8th Street

Located outside of the Stefanie H. Weill Center, 826 N 8th St.

Located at Johnsonville Marketplace, N6877 Rio Rd, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Located at End Park on
Bell Ave. and N. 12th St

Located on Kentucky Ave. at the
S. 14th Street underpass.

Located in the alleyway of 920 Michigan Ave

Located on the wall of Nikki’s Nex 2 New, 1019 N 8th Street

Located under the bridge at the 8th Street Boat Launch and Walkway, 807 Riverfront Dr.

Located along the Sheboygan River at
699 N Water St.

Located on the wall of the Mead Public Library, 710 N 8th St.

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