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Sheboygan is totally underrated and there are so many places that will have you reaching for your camera. I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram shots that I’ve taken here in Sheboygan and hopefully, it inspires you to see the beauty of this city! So without further ado, here are 10 Instagrammable Spots in Sheboygan! 

1. The Light House

The Sheboygan Breakwater Lighthouse stands tall at the end of North Pier. People don’t come from miles to see it, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do/see in Sheboygan. Take a walk out to it on a beautiful day, take in Lake Michigan, view the Sheboygan skyline and critique the graffiti, artistic or not.

2. Street Art

Art has always played a huge role in Sheboygan’s culture. While many may not have heard about The Sheboygan Project, it’s a highly recommended tour around town for art enthusiasts. There are 15 different art works that reflect Sheboygan’s people and culture. It’s my goal to visit all 15 at some point. The ones I have visited I would describe as a translation of passion, creativity, and love through art.

3. Riverfront & South Pier

I can’t get enough of the Riverfront and South Pier! It is home to coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and ice cream parlors. The newest addition to the riverfront is South Pier, featuring Blue Harbor Resort, mini-golf, festivals and Sheboygan’s “South Beach.” Both sides of the river have much to offer, old and new.

4. Kohler-Andrae State Park

Get into vacation mode when you are on the scenic shores of Lake Michigan. Kohler-Andrae is fun to walk around! I love walking the rolling dunes and the expansive beach. But, the fun doesn’t stop on the beach. There is wildlife all around you in this park. I often hike the wooded trails, walk the boardwalk through the marsh or the small white pine forest. Everything is absolutely stunning. Use the Selfie Stand on the cordwalk leading to the north beach area, to help capture it all.

5. The Lakefront

In the summer Sheboygan’s beaches are warm and beautiful, and at night you can have a bonfire while listening to the waves. While the water may not always be warm, the beach is the place to be, and we have lots of it.

6. Parnell Tower

If you aren’t into hardcore hiking, this place is a must! The tower isn’t far from the parking lot and it is an easy (but steep) hike from the car to the base of the tower. Once you are there, you’ll be thrilled you decided to go. The views from the top are amazing! Parnell offers a panoramic view of the surrounding forest up to 25 miles! Most people simply hike up the tower but, if you are up for the challenge, I encourage you to hike the surrounding trails on a nice day!

7. Maywood Environmental Park

You can have fun at this well-maintained park all year round! It is located along the Pigeon River and connects to Evergreen Park. Explore their Ecology Center or head to the trails for hiking, biking, or potentially seeing some wildlife. Maywood has many different habitats, from grassland prairie to forests to the ponds, and it all adds up to an excellent experience.

8. John Michael Kohler Art Center

At the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, everything is art! Each year, thousands of visitors walk through the museum to experience world-class exhibitions and performances. But one aspect that has everyone talking are their stunning washrooms! Go peak at the potties! Each one is uniquely designed, so don’t be surprised if you see me weaving in and out of them all!

9. Downtown

Sheboygan’s pretty old, so it has a pretty old-fashioned, but very cool downtown. It is an ongoing historical project, and something Sheboygan is proud of. The shops and restaurants are unique and the parking is incredibly easy and inexpensive. Our historic 8th Street is home to all of Sheboygan’s holiday parades, and it connects the city to the South Pier area.

10. Events and Festivals

Greekfest, Independence Day, JMKAC Midsummer Festival of the Arts, Oktoberfest and Brat Days: take your pick. With music, entertainment and all the food you could ever want; Sheboygan’s got ‘em all.

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