Take me to the lake.

Whether a vigorous hike over challenging terrain or a casual stroll on a nature trail, there’s nothing like the lush beauty of Sheboygan’s parks and beaches


Known as the “Malibu of the Midwest,” Sheboygan boasts miles of beautiful beaches along the clear waters of Lake Michigan.


Sheboygan is bordered to the east by Lake Michigan and filled from the north to the south with accessible fishing holes and lakes. We have fish for every season and every time of day!


For quality time with yourself or friends, cruise the shoreline of Lake Michigan; for more of an adventure, take a trip up the Sheboygan River to explore nature.

Standup Paddle Board

One of the best ways to get on the water is SUP, or standup paddle boarding. You can paddle any waterway with these in different conditions – inland flat water, rivers, surf and even yoga.


Known as the “Fresh Water Surf Capital of the World,” Sheboygan juts out five miles into the lake, and when winds of 20-25 mph blow from the northeast or west southwest, incredible waves are sculpted from the surface water.

Wreck of the Lottie Cooper

Just one of the many ships that are said to be at the bottom of the lake near Sheboygan, the Lottie Cooper was discovered during the construction of the marina and she has been re-assembled at Deland Park, right along the Lakefront.

Sheboygan Shipwrecks

Centuries of exploration, travel, commerce, and recreation on the Great Lakes have left an impressive trail of maritime cultural resources along Wisconsin’s Great Lakes shorelines.

Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan

Once you learn to sail, join the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS). Get access to a world-class facility on one of the finest harbors on the Great Lakes.

Sheboygan Youth Sailing

Don’t visit Sheboygan without visiting Lake Michigan! Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center (SYSC) has classes for youth and adults, as well as private lessons and visitor experiences.

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