What started as an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity.

Snowshoeing is For Everyone

Have you ever gone snowshoeing before? If you haven’t, I definitely recommend it. I have only gone a few times when I was younger and I loved every moment of it.  Not only does it give you a way to stay in shape even when the snow falls, but snowshoeing lets you enjoy solitude in areas that might be crowded in the summer. 


Basic Techniques and Tips

There are a few techniques you might want to keep in mind before you go out exploring. The biggest tip I can offer is to avoid stepping on the inside of your snowshoe frames. This means you’ll have to make your strides wider than normal. Although you might fall a few times (like me) or it feels “weird,” no worries, after a few tries you will get the hang of it. It becomes almost second nature to you.

If it is your first time snowshoeing just remember it’s important to get snowshoes that are right for your weight, the terrain, and the snow conditions. The other obvious tips include wearing warm waterproof boots and dressing with clothing that can handle cold or wet conditions if you plan on snowshoeing for awhile.


Where to Go Snowshoeing in Sheboygan

 Kohler Andrae State Park has a moderate 1-mile snowshoe trail that begins at the amphitheater and winds south through the wooded campground area. It loops back through the picnic area before returning to the beginning. The snowshoe trail is not groomed. Additional snowshoeing is available at the 2.5-mile Black River Trail and throughout the park. Snowshoeing is not allowed on the groomed ski trail.

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The Jaycee Trails run through Evergreen Park and Maywood. They have trails that are not groomed that are available for snowshoeing and fat tire bicycling. You’ll want to avoid the groomed trails as those are reserved for cross country skiers. 
Click on the link to get specific route details.

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