Sheboygan Rocks is a painted-rock scavenger hunt and it is becoming an extremely popular activity around the community. This start up project is truly bringing the community together and has everyone looking around town for rocks as if it was an Easter egg hunt.

Let’s ROCK!!

The idea behind Sheboygan Rocks was to paint rocks and hide them for others to find and hopefully spread a little joy in the process. The greatest part about this project is ANYONE can be a rock artist regardless of age or talent level. Their goal is to get as many artists as they can to participate to help keep the hunt going.

If you find a Rock take a picture, post it on the Sheboygan Rocks Facebook Page, and re-hide the Rock in Sheboygan. Rocks are hidden all around town. Hiding spots could include under park benches, in flower planters, by trees or light posts, and so many more. The hiding spots are endless. Many individuals from out of town have brought Rocks back to your home town and re-hid them there. Some Rocks have been found and posted about as far as New Mexico, so far.

If you are looking to get involved follow them on Facebook and read for painting, hiding, and hunting tips. Or use it as an opportunity to look at all of the beautiful rocks individuals have painted and posted about recently.

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