Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them have dirt. Hiking the trails in Sheboygan has become one of my favorite things to do! Each trail is different and unique, and it is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Part of me believes that walking is the best method to enjoy a grand adventure!

Evergreen Park

Located within the city, Evergreen Park offers excellent hiking and biking trails that connect with the nearby Maywood and Quarry parks. Even though you are right in town, and next to a highway, the terrain makes you feel like you are in the north woods.
Take a day to escape the noise and set up shop in one of the picnic areas and relax. Not only is the park great for cook-outs, but there are lots of activities hidden in the woods! Bring the family and see what you will discover.

Maywood Environmental Park

This well-maintained park is located along the Pigeon River and connects to Evergreen Park. Explore their Ecology Center or head to the trails for hiking, biking, or potentially seeing some wildlife. Maywood has many different habitats, from grassland prairie to forests to the ponds, and it all adds up to an excellent experience.

Roy Sebald Sheboygan River Natural Area

Although Roy Sebald is a smaller area in the city, this is a spot that is always a pleasure to visit. It is a place that is easily accessible, all while getting your fill of nature. Walk the brand new access path and take in the beautiful wild flowers. If you are a fisherman, the river is a great fishing hole when the salmon are running.

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae is awesome, with great access and views of Lake Michigan as you walk along the sand dunes! Just remember, the fun doesn’t stop on the beach. There is wildlife all around you in this park. Hike the wooded trails, walk the boardwalk through the marsh or the small white pine forest. Everything is absolutely stunning! If you are looking to stay longer and appreciate the shoreline, there is a great camp site for visitors.

Sheboygan Indian Mound Park

This wildlife hot spot and ancient burial ground is tucked away, just outside the hustle and bustle of the city. There are a few trails to guide you and signs to identify foliage and burial sites. Bring the kids! The trails at the Indian Mound Park are great and it is the perfect place for a short hike, to get in touch with nature, and take in history.

Parnell Tower

If you are into hardcore hiking, this place is a must! The tower isn’t far from the parking lot and it is an easy (but steep) hike from the car to the base of the tower. Once you are there, you’ll be thrilled you decided to come. The views from the top are amazing! Parnell offers a panoramic view of the surrounding forest up to 25 miles! Most people simply hike up the tower but, if you are up for the challenge, I encourage you to hike the surrounding trails on a nice day!

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