The Farmer’s Market is just another special feature found in Sheboygan. It brings the community together and gets everyone excited about fresh, available, native products that come directly from farmers to residents. It works to help local farmers remain vibrant, educate the community on healthy eating, and provide a social experience that helps build community.

Locally Grown

I love attending The Farmer’s Market. I have found it is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and obviously buy fresh produce. I like to say “farmer fresh is best.”

The market hours are 8-2pm Wednesday and Saturday at Fountain Park. I usually go on Saturdays if the weather is nice and walk around the market and see what all the vendors have to offer. It is almost impossible for me to walk away without buying strawberries, some snap-peas, or smelling the beautiful flowers that are sold at a few stands. I try not to go overboard when buying because I could easily spend all the cash sitting in my wallet.

In addition, I found out they will also be offering yoga at the market at 10 am. I have always wanted to try outdoor yoga, so you might see me at the market as you walk through all the vendors.

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