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Fall is my favorite season most of all! All I can think about is the fall breeze and Autumn leaves. Not only is it the season to hike the trails and see all the colors, but it gives me a chance to wear all my favorite outfits: scarves, over-sized sweaters, cute boots, and fuzzy socks. I like to call fall the Sweater Weather season.


Whether the weather is rainy or sunny this fall, I'll help you out!!

Sweaters & Long Sleeves

If anyone knows Wisconsin, you know it can be rainy at one point and sunny and warm the next, the best solution is to layer up. Often times throughout the day there are cool breezes that come off the lake and Sheboygan can get crisp.

And, since the fall season revolves around over-sized sweaters and comfy long sleeves (like flannels!!), these will be the most comfortable addition to your Sheboygan wardrobe, hands down! The wonderful thing about sweaters and long sleeves is you can dress them up or dress them down. You can pair them with denim or leggings, your favorite shoes, or you can have fun including a scarf or a floppy brim hat. Whatever you decide, you'll have a cute or casual outfit to cruise around in.


Blazers & Jackets

Blazers and jackets always make a difference to a fall outfit. I generally stick to jackets that have neutral colors because they can go with anything, and you will want one that matches a few outfits. On the other hand, some days you want to have fun and be bold! Wearing patterns such as my checkered prints make a lively statement.

~Tip: bring a heavier coat in case the weather does decide to take a turn for the worst.~


Pops of Color &Accessories

Don't be afraid to spice up your daily outfits! Accessories such as hats and scarves can turn a boring outfit into a fab outfit in a few seconds. Scarves have always been a popular accessory to outfits but, recently hats have become a new fashionable statement. Not only do they match a ton of outfits, but you can add colors like reds, yellows, and oranges, etc. to make it perfect! Beautiful fall colors are only here for so long, so why not match them as long as you can?

~Tip: bring warmer accessories such as winter hats and mittens~


Booties & Sneakers

Fall is the perfect time to put away your flip-flops and break out the booties and cute sneakers. Like accessories, shoes can make an outfit go from 0-60, just like that! You can wear shoes that have neutrals or add some color. No matter what you decide, I'm sure you'll look like a million dollars!

~Tip: bring warmer boots if you plan on hiking or even pack an adorable pair of rain boots to keep your feet dry~