This is one of my favorite tricks that you can do in the winter. Each season, there are typically only a few days when this is possible. So if the conditions are right, make sure to take advantage of it! Here’s how to turn boiling water into snow


Last winter, I was determined to try that boiling water trick out again. Early one morning, I got the water ready, grabbed the camera, and headed outside. Here are some tips on how you can turn boiling water into snow.

1. It has to be cold enough.

It definitely has to be well below zero in order to be successful with this. I’ve found that -20°F or colder is the ideal temperature. I was able to take photos in February when temperatures were -30°F and back in 2019 when it was -50°F out. Trust me -20°F will work just fine!

2. You have to use boiling water.

Not just hot, boiling! I got away with using really hot water simply because well, it was a record low of -50°F.

3. Be careful!

You are throwing boiling water over your head, after all. I’d suggest doing a test run by throwing some water away from you. This will confirm that it’s in fact cold enough and boiling water isn’t going to be falling on top of you.

I’d still recommend covering up as best you can, especially by wearing gloves and a hat (which I’m sure you’ll have on anyway since it’s winter and -20°F).

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