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If you ever get a chance to take a walk down by the waterfront in Sheboygan you will never be disappointed in what you might see. Sheboygan is known for it's lively lakefront giving it the name the Fresh Water Surf Capital in the World. So many people from out of town come to Sheboygan to relish in it's water activities: fishing, segway tours, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, kitesurfing, and sailing.


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If you are looking to troll on beautiful Lake Michigan for quality Trout and Salmon in Sheboygan there are dozens of boats willing to take you and your group out fishing.

One company includes Dumper Dan's charter boats.

Their captains have over 100 years combined charter fishing experience and are DNR and US Coast Guard licensed. Fish aboard any of their six fully insured boats that have all the latest in safety, fishing and navigational equipment, thus standing above the rest in the industry.

More charter boats

Captain/Owner Dan Welsch
676 South Pier Drive
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Office: (920) 457-2940
Cell: (920) 377-1147

Segway Tours

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Segway tours are making a come back in Sheboygan thanks to Segway the fox. The company has been working with Blue Harbor Resort to organize tours for guests. They are also offering tours for anyone, outside of the resort, that wants to tour in Sheboygan. Sheboygan is a great place to experience on Segways and we think you'd love it.

They offer tours by appointment anytime. They can sometimes do a tour the day of, however, they suggest booking a few days ahead.

Historic Sheboygan 200 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303 920-376-0256 [email protected]


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Finding a great place to swim in Sheboygan is easy. There are so many beaches waiting for you. If you read my Where the Sand Meets Lake Michigan blogyou can read about my adventures at some of the top beaches in the area. Read about Deland park, General King park, Kohler-Adrae State Park, and Vollrath Park to discover which one is best for you. Another fun place to swim that I did not mention in that blog was Quarry Beach Adventure Park and Water Sports. It is a forested area with a quarry lake & inflatable play equipment for seasonal swimming & sliding. I haven't got a chance to jump around on the equipment but maybe this summer you will get the chance to see me having a blast.

Downtown Sheboygan 510 N. 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53091 (920)-208-SURF Message them on Facebook or Instagram!


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EOS Surf & Outdoor Shop offers kayak rentals. Their seasonal kayak rental dock is located on the Sheboygan River at 820 Indiana Ave in front of Sprecher's Restaurant. Their rental stands are hourly. Reservations are not necessary and it is acceptable for groups under 10 to just show up! Luckily for you they are open daily from 11am-5pm (Seasonal). They offer single kayaks and tandem kayak rentals that include paddles and PFD. Find out Prices

Off site and longer rentals available at the shop with delivery, just call 920-208-7873

Delivery to: Sheboygan Area $25, Elkhart Lake -Crystal Lake $55, Oostburg-$45, Cedar Grove-$55  (minimum 2-DAY rental, FREE DELIVERY WITH ALL RENTALS OVER $500

Downtown Sheboygan 510 N. 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53091 (920)-208-SURF Message them on Facebook or Instagram!

Paddle Boarding

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Many individuals have never had the chance to paddle board and many do not know the you can paddle board in Sheboygan. Thanks to EOS Surf & Outdoor Shop you have the opportunity to experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). Upon rental you will receive a paddle and a PFD. Find out Prices

Downtown Sheboygan 510 N. 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53091 (920)-208-SURF Message them on Facebook or Instagram!


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EOS Surf & Outdoor Shop also offers surfing. You have the option to rent a Foam/Skimboard or a Surfboard. Because Lake Michigan's water is cold it is suggested that a wetsuit is also rented, with the option of gloves/boots rentals.

Find out Prices

Downtown Sheboygan 510 N. 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53091 (920)-208-SURF Message them on Facebook or Instagram!


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SEAS and Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center have partnered together to bring an enjoyable boating experiences. 

  • SEAS offers a first sail that is a two-hour lesson. It is a unique opportunity that offers beginners an introduction to sailing in a casual setting. This memorable experience will motivate newcomers from all over.
  • Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center is offering a series of empowering experiences on the water. These include giving children and adults the ability to be part of a team and take sailing classes.

Three classes that are included are...

  1. Youth Sailing Classes give children from the ages of 7-18 the ability to learn about the water, how to be safe and have fun. For some kids this will be their first time on the water. For others they will train to compete internationally.  
  2. Adult Sailing Classes are for those who are looking to start sailing or those looking to improve their skills. The company says, “it is never to late to get out on the water and enjoy gorgeous nights!”
  3. Private Sailing Classes offer more privacy for those visiting Sheboygan. Their instructors give you an one of a kind one-on-one experience making you want more.

Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center (920) 459-0755  619 Broughton Dr PO Box 471Sheboygan, WI

SEAS OFFICE 1837 Superior Ave Sheboygan, WI 53081 (920) 783-3670


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This sport is a little different in the sense that it is more difficult to get involved with. There is a lot more gear and safety that goes into it.

  • Take Lessons!!!
  • Understand wind speed and direction (onshore, offshore, sideshore)
  • Water conditions (temperature, surface types, tides, currents)
  • Knowledge of other variables (reefs, rocks, trees, poles)
  • Always use the buddy system
  • Kites (inflatable, Foil)
  • Bar
  • Boards (twintip, Foil, Surfboard)
  • Harness (seated and waist)
  • Pump
  • Wetsuits
  • Accessories (boots, gloves, helmet, lifejacket)
  • Additional equipment (mp3 player, GPS tracker, gopro)
  • Check out the nearest kite scene and introduce yourself
  • See where local lesson spots are available
  • Take a trip to SPI (South Padre Island, TX) or OBX (The Outer Banks, NC) where shallow water is plentiful

JJ Montgomery [email protected] Mike Miller at EOS 920-208-SURF

A special thank you to Erlien Design Photography for allowing us to use his captivating video and beautiful photos of kitesurfing for this blog post.