Lakeside Bonfire



One of the staples of summer is sitting around a fire with family and friends, sharing a laugh, and roasting a few delicious s’mores. From hearing the crackle of the wood, watching golden sparks dance into the air, and enjoying the warm summer nights it doesn’t get much better. Or could it? What if the bonfire was on the beach?

Sheboygan’s fire rings

The City of Sheboygan provides four recreational fire rings along the shoreline of Lake Michigan for public use. They are located north of Deland Beach near North Point Park. These fire rings are available for use without permit or fee on a first-come, first-served basis, from Memorial Day weekend through August. Please enjoy these fire rings responsibly and clean up all debris and litter after use. Trash receptacles are provided along Broughton Drive.

Lakeside picnic

My friends and I usually camp out on the beach most of the day before having a bonfire to kick off the evening. But after having fun in the sun you definitely need some yummy food to satisfy your hunger. I recommend packing a fun basket or ordering take-out from a local restaurant. This could be a fun idea for you and your friends or even a date night idea with your significant other. 

About the Author

I am originally from Northern Wisconsin but spent my college years in Sheboygan. I love exploring new places around Sheboygan and I want you to fall in love with the area just as I did.  I always have my camera on me in order to capture my adventures and share them on the blog. Follow along with me as I give you insider tips on some of my favorite places to eat and drink, the best ways to experience Lake Michigan, and so much more.

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