Where the Sand Meets Lake Michigan



Best Beaches in Sheboygan

     Sheboygan offers a few beautiful beaches with different styles to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you like a beach that is white and sandy, is fun for the kids, or dog friendly, Sheboygan can help you. Now with summer just around the corner find your Best Escape Anyone Could Have, or as we like to say, find your B.E.A.C.H!

Deland Park

This beach is one of my personal hangouts in the summer. It is definitely a place the whole family can spend the day and enjoy the lake. I can easily spend the whole day there soaking up some rays, watching people fly kites in the large grassy field off to the side, or taking a walk through the Lottie Cooper; a 1800s wooden shipwreck that is on display.

If you get hungry, or have a big appetite like me, it is about a 10 minute walk to some of Sheboygan’s best restaurants on the walk way. If I am lucky and don’t spend too much time filling up on food, I will head back to the beach and walk the pier. The pier is usually a hot spot because you can walk through the marina or make your way to the lighthouse. I try and hurry in the evening so I can sit and watch the sunset reflect on the lake.

General King Park

This beach is fairly close to Deland Park. It has easy access to the clean beach area and a nice little parking area. Up the way, there is a nice park that has a pavilion and a playground for kids. Once I got to the beach there was plenty of room to sprawl out in the fine sand and take a dip in Lake Michigan. I must warn you though, the water can be a little chilly, even on a hot day. But, on a hot summer day it is refreshing, and you get used to your legs felling numb (just kidding). I found it very peaceful to sit in the sand, listen to the waves, and watch the kite-surfers.

Kohler-Andrae State Park

This park is one of the treasures of Sheboygan County that can be enjoyed all year round. While I was on the beach it felt like I was by the ocean. The sand dunes fill the spacious beach and are perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or going for a swim. I found myself wading in the water searching for beautiful rocks and pebbles to skip.

The fun did not stop on the beach. There is wildlife all around you in this park. Take your camera, like I did, and hike the wooded trails, walk the boardwalk through the marsh or the small white pine forest. If you are looking to stay longer and appreciate the shoreline longer there is a great camp site for its visitors.

Vollrath Park

Vollrath is awesome! In the winter many people play at the giant “bowl.” It is perfect to spend the day sledding. However, in the summer the park comes alive. On Monday nights you can enjoy “food truck” night. There are multiple vendors that offer an array of options. You can also reach the lake at the back end of the park. My friends and I have found it to be a great place to go hang out. In the past, we went there to relax and play disc golf.

In addition to Wisconsin’s oldest disc gold course there are tennis courts, basketball hoops, and softball/baseball backstops. The few time that I have gone, I saw many kids playing on the newly updated playground. If you need to unwind it is definitely the place to have fun and relax.

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Sheboygan Lakeside Bonfire

Sheboygan Lakeside Bonfire

One of the staples of summer is sitting around a fire with family and friends, sharing a laugh, and roasting a few delicious s’mores

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