Jingle your way to “When I Dream of Christmas!!” at the Historical Museum. During the holiday season it’s the best time to be holly and jolly. Become entranced with decorations, lights, and so much more when you spend an afternoon at the Historical Museum.

Lets make some memories

This was my first time attending the Holiday Memories exhibit since living in Sheboygan.  Anyone that  has a passion for Christmas decorations  will fall in love with the Historical Museum’s set up. During the holiday season the museum is devoted and revolves around their beautiful decorations.  As soon as you walk in you are surrounded with themed Christmas trees, Boston Store animated characters, ride-able Garton Toy Factory toys for children,  or the  “I Spy” game in Taylor House. 

I started my journey in The Taylor House, the portrayed living quarters of an upper middle class Victorian Era. As you walk through, it definitely takes you back to the 1850’s and 60’s. From the main floor up to the second, everything is well placed and you can’t help but acknowledge the details of the traditional decorations. If you look at the photo above you’ll notice one of the many themed Christmas trees on the property; in the Taylor House alone I counted five.  From unique ornaments and colors it is nothing shy of extraordinary.

Next, I walked over to the main building. As you walk down the stairs you are greeted by all the Boston Store animated characters. I was shocked! I have never seen so many moving Christmas decorations. It reminded me of what the North Pole would look like! With every turn there is something new, inviting, and twinkly. While the adults are taking photos, the children are running from each display picking out their favorite animated characters. The best part was seeing their face light up when they saw Santa.

Again, there is so much be discovered here and it can all be done in an afternoon.

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