Your Safety is Our Top Priority!!


Sheboygan has the luxury of being right on Lake Michigan. But with luxury there comes a few precautions. If you are traveling to or staying in Sheboygan there are a few things we want you to know about our beaches.

Start out safe!

  • Deland Park has complimentary life-jackets available for little kids to use for the day. Simply return to the bin when done.

Watch the weather!

  • If you see waves blowing over or on the piers, chances are they are too slippery and dangerous to walk on. We highly advise staying off the piers if the weather is bad or the surface is wet due to high waves.


  • Riptides are powerful, channeled currents flowing away from shore. The key to breaking free from a rip tide is to swim parallel to shore until you are released from the tide’s current.
  • At Deland Park there is a digital board that shows riptide conditions. It’s best not to swim in areas with high rip tide warnings.
  • For more information on riptides click on the link below.

Learning about Riptides

Be sure to program Sheboygan’s Coast Guard number into your phones: (920) 452-0346. Note that, in case of an emergency on the lake, response times for the Coast Guard can be faster than 911.

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