Everyday is Valentine's Day

♡ You are loved ♡

 Not everyone will go out on February 14th this year and that is OKAY! But luckily, Sheboygan has plenty of opportunities for you to be romantic throughout the whole year. Here are some of the future dates I’m dreaming up for you.

♡ Food. My Love Language ♡

I don’t know about you, but if my taste-buds are happy, we can call the night a success. I think of all the food options Sheboygan has to offer and my mouth waters a little bit. One of my personal favorites is Umi Sushi and Steak House. They offer hibachi & kitchen fare along with sushi, rolls & bento boxes. However, if you are like my dad and sushi is NOT your cup of tea, no worries. There are plenty of other date night options that would lead to happy stomachs. Check out many of the local favorites which range from Italian, Greek, and Mexican cuisines. 

♡ How About Day Dates ♡

Romance doesn’t always have to be a candlelight dinner with roses. I love day dates as well! There are quite a few restaurants that offer brunch in Sheboygan and I think you will be overjoyed with your options. I think you’ll say, “Thanks a Brunch!” After brunch there are so many free and affordable options for you to explore such as, walking the boardwalk, popping into shops, or taking an afternoon hike to become one with nature.

♡ Getting Artsy ♡

Art has always played a huge role in Sheboygan’s culture making it the perfect place to get your fill of art. Witness how Sheboygan’s urban landscape was transformed into street art, discover the award-winning washrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, or take a stroll through the stunning  botanical gardens at Bookworm Gardens.

♡ The "Third Wheel" ♡

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people we love and children are often a big part of that mix. For a full day of family love, take the family to the Above and Beyond Children’s Museum or make your way to the Odyssey Fun Center. The name of the game is good times, tons of laughs, and creating lasting memories with your family!

Any celebration you dream up will be special if you do it with the person you love. But perhaps you’ll use this holiday as an excuse to get out and explore the city. Better yet, stretch Valentine’s Day throughout the year and keep exploring!

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