3 Sheeps Brewing Co.

Craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy sipping brews with the knowledgeable bar staff at the hand-poured concrete bar, sitting amongst fellow beer fans at long picnic style wood tables and lounging on sofas while playing board games.

NZ's Bar & Grill

NZ’s takes bar food to a whole new level with great talent both at the bar and in the kitchen.

8th Street Ale Haus

8th Street Ale Haus is your home for great beer in Sheboygan, with 30 draft lines and over 70 bottled beers. They’re even starting to make their own beer!

Odyssey Comedy Club

Our comedy club features renowned comedians from throughout the mid-west and across the country. 


Reader’s Choice award winner for best Martini, happy hour, atmosphere and novelty drink list – come see for yourself!

Hops Haven

Hops Haven offers a variety of tasty micro-brews from Sheboygan’s own 3 Sheeps Brewing Company and great food from the Wicked Grille.

Bourbon Street

The Blue Lite is a comfortable option for alternative lifestyles and is conveniently located in downtown Sheboygan.

Penn Ave. Pub

The perfect place to watch the game, have your favorite beer or sing your favorite song, Penn Ave. Pub is the definition of a great bar.

Craft 30

Sheboygan ‘s tastiest 30 craft beers on tap for your enjoyment.  A warm, cozy atmosphere perfect for enjoying craft beer and fine art on display.

DJ's Sports Bar

Located on the beautiful Sheboygan River front, you can’t beat the view!

On the Rocks at Blue Harbor

On the Rocks is just that – right along the waters of Lake Michigan offering the best cocktail-lakeview combination.

The Silver Fern

Inspired by a move to New Zealand, the Silver Fern’s atmosphere has been known to blow your face off! Open 7 days a week as nature intended.

Water Street Pub

Water Street Pub is a classic pub serving specialty beers and ales as well as the famous Loaded Bloody Mary.

Angler's Avenue Pub & Grill

For a coveted view of the Sheboygan Riverfront and Lake Michigan, take a stroll down to Angler’s Avenue Pub & Grill, and check out their Pro Shop!

Blue Lite

The Blue Lite is a comfortable option for alternative lifestyles and is conveniently located in downtown Sheboygan.

Sandee's Cool Runnings

A Sheboygan hotspot for decades, Sandee’s is a place for good music, good times and a great beer garden.

Suscha's Bar

Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name… but since we aren’t in Boston, Suscha’s is the next best thing!

The Walkabout

Sheboygan’s soft-tip dart hub, The Walkabout is the place to go for good music, great food and a friendly atmosphere.