During the Spring, I love when rain is followed by warm weather. It is the perfect opportunity to capture springtime. What could be better than seeing all the flowers in bloom and being able to smell the soft, sweet, musky, and floral scents? It’s a wonderful feeling when you are able to say “Spring is in the air.” Walk around Sheboygan as nature awakens this spring. 

One of the few places I stopped at was Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan. This vibrant, playful botanic garden is inspired by children’s literature, the natural world, and imagination. Even if you miss the trees sprouting new leaves and flowers blossoming this Spring, you are sure to see picture perfect blooms throughout the summer (So, no worries).


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Lets Go For a Ride

Lets Go For a Ride

Bikes bring you to places cars will never see! In Sheboygan there are many trails to explore! Some take you through the heart of Sheboygan while others offer natural beauty. Each pathway provides something a little different.

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