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        When you first visit Sheboygan it can be difficult to decide where to eat in such a foodie town. There is always somewhere to go, something to do, and something to TASTE! There are so many amazingly-delicious places, it makes your mouth water thinking about it. I love weaving in and out of restaurants around town, but I wanted the opinion’s of others. I sought out help from locals and asked for their favorite places to grab a bite. So, let’s take a culinary trip off the “bitten” path and experience the taste of sensational foods.

Trattoria Stefano

This beautiful brick building is in the heart of downtown and a perfect start to the night. If you are looking to celebrate something special, the food is sure to enhance the occasion. Stefan has so many rich, flavorful, and traditional dishes. They all sound so yummy and elegant it is difficult to choose which one to order! One suggestion is to do what my mom and I did: we split all of our dishes. We tried one of their pastas, Linguini ai Frutti di Mare, which was creamy, rich, and out of this world. The second course was a red snapper that arrived fresh from the coast. It is really hard to describe how much my taste-buds were dancing from this unquestionably great time with great food.

I ordered courses I normally would not have and I’m so happy I did! My advice would be, to not be afraid to explore the menu and ask questions. The staff is so excited about the food, they go into full detail of what everything is. There are so many authentic options to choose from!

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Il Ritrovo

“A place to Meet” definitely lives up to its name. If you want authentic Italian style pizza and a cute little market, this is the place for you. I felt like I took a quick trip to Italy; vibrant and full of energy. Such a great find in a small town! As soon as you walk in you receive the friendliest greeting. Their staff was very welcoming, helped recommend entrees, and made the experience very enjoyable.

I have eaten at Il Ritrovo a few times since I discovered it. In the past, my friends and I had decided on Salsiccia e Funghi, Margherita Classico, and Giuseppe for pizzas. Those, however, are only a few of their numerous unique pizzas made with local and organic ingredients. For a side, I like to order either Mozzarella Pizzaiola or the Caprese. I have to say I love the Caprese. The dish is made up of sliced tomatoes, local fresh mozzarella, imported water buffalo milk mozzarella, and fresh basil dressed with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and balsamic vinegar. I am not really a tomato lover but I make an exception for this dish. After dining at Il Ritrovo, I can see why it is so popular amongst the locals. I will be back!

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Field to Fork

When I first walked in, I got a good whiff of all their breads, sweets, and in-house roasted coffee. Before going to lunch, I grabbed a strawberry banana smoothie that seemed to hit the spot, relaxed in their café, and looked around their little store that included items from local vendors as well as GELATO!!

I put my name in and was sat immediately at the counter. Although it can get a little busy, there was a special atmosphere and the food was killer and fresh. Field to Fork offers lunch and brunch everyday. You will have to decide the type of meal you want before you walk in because you’ll want everything from both menus. I chose lunch and ordered the Bison Burger with an order of cheese curds. First of all, the cheese curds were perfection and just melted in your mouth. I usually am not one to order a burger, but when I see a Bison Burger on the menu, I order it no questions asked. Trust me you will want to order this juicy, mouth watering, burger too.

Before I left, I did glance at their brunch menu and I have to say, I can’t wait to go back and try more of their homemade foods.

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Umi Sushi and Steak House

Many people are on edge about trying sushi and I was the same way for the longest time. It was not long ago that I grew adventurous and found a love for sushi. There are so many types that can be discovered and enjoyed. I think of sushi as fun and vibrant; it feels more like art than a meal. If you are skeptical about trying it, remember, not all sushi is the same. Umi Sushi and Steak House offers a HUGE variety on their menu of never ending Donburi, Udon, Tempura, Sushi Dishes, etc. It is easily laid out so you’ll know if items are spicy, raw, fried, or have peanuts in them.

I highly recommend sitting at the sushi bar as it is amazing! You get to witness the food being prepared masterfully right in front of you. As you get to watch them prepare your selections, behind you you’ll feel the surprise of warm fire from the hibachi chefs putting on an amazing show and the cheers of happy customers. Often times I will go to Umi for lunch and order rolls such as Eel cucumber and Calamari Tempura to try something new. But, I know orders like that are not for everyone. If you are a first timer, I recommend the Snow Crab Roll, Shrimp Tempura, or Chicken Tempura rolls; they are great first choices that are easy to eat!

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Harry’s Diner

This little diner has become one of my favorites places to visit on weekend mornings, and all I can say is, “Yum!” As soon as you walk in, you hit a wall of breakfast aroma. If you weren’t craving food before, you will now!

The diner has a cool retro style and the decor takes you back to the 50’s. Waitresses, dressed in traditional poodle skirts, enthusiastically greet you and make you feel right at home. I try something new every time I go because they have delicious dishes at a reasonable price. But I will admit I love their omelets, skillets, and pancakes the best.

If you want a special treat, try their fresh squeezed orange juice, holy cow! They have a special machine the makes your juice right in front of you.

Ease into your day. Delicious food. Great menu. Relaxed feel. Always great service.

Harry’s Prohibition Bistro

Need a great dinner stop that is within walking distance form Blue Harbor Resort? Harry’s Prohibition Bistro is in the perfect area where you can stroll down the South Pier, pop in and out of shops, and other restaurants if you choose. However, I think you will be impressed with the atmosphere of this place.

Similar to Il Ritrovo, Harry’s specializes in authentic Neopolitan pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Aside from the pizza, you can get your carb load with their great selection of pastas; I believe I counted ten. Prices are generally in the mid to high teens for entrees. I will admit you get your money’s worth because the food is superbly prepared. If you are having trouble deciding, do not be afraid to ask the staff. They are so friendly and more than willing to let you know their favorites.

If you get the chance, sit on the patio outside. I loved looking at the river while eating! It is such a relaxing place to grab a nice bite to eat. As I said before, if you get a chance to walk the river, pop into this charming bistro. It is a can’t miss stop for anyone who enjoys a sweet ambiance, spectacular food, and outstanding service!

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Greece e Spoon

I have never been one to go out and try Greek food, but I finally tried this place! What a great little gem. It’s tiny but cute inside, filled with Greek family treasures from the Lee family.  Greece e Spoon is a cute play on words, but the food is anything but greasy. The dishes are fresh, flavorful, and authentic and they have reasonable prices for the large portions you receive.

I ordered a malt and their “Greece e Burger” and wow it was juicy and full, of all the goodies: oven-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, arugula, blue cheese, bacon, and lemon garlic aioli. This place may be small but their customer service, decor, and of course food were huge. Maybe next time I will try one of the Gryos everyone talks about.

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Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

I am such a pasta fanatic that it is almost impossible for me to choose what kind I want when there are so many great choices on the menu. At Luigi’s, the menu is abundant with selections. Anything you might want they have it: pasta, pizza, chicken, veal, sandwiches, the list goes on.

The friend I was with ordered the Meat-lovers pizza. I, however, was hung up on their pasta. If it was not already hard deciding on the usual options like ravioli, stuffed shells, of course spaghetti, and many more, Luigi’s gives you the option to customize most dishes to your liking. This allows you to change the pasta type, sauce type, or even going gluten free. After a heavy debate with myself, I decided on the Lobster Ravioli. Thanks to their fast and friendly service, it was not long before I was taking pleasure in their creamy alfredo sauce.

One thing I loved about Luigi’s is the great portion sizes you receive: large plates with plenty to eat. So much that you could even take some home and have enough for lunch the next day!

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El Camino

If you are looking for some Mexican food to hit the spot? I like going to El Camino.  It has fast, friendly service, and a fun atmosphere. The place is absolutely huge and filled with art and murals. On a nice summer evening, I like to be seated on the patio. I have visited this restaurant a few times and I have never been disappointed.

As soon as you walk in, you can instantly smell the food. The place is usually busy but most of the time you get seated instantly. When you do get seated, I will warn you, you receive endless chips and salsa. Their salsa is overwhelmingly delicious, but try to restrain yourself from filling up on it because your orders come in large portions. However, I never follow my own advice and fill up anyway while I sip on a traditional drink called Horchata. It is made from jicaro seeds that are ground with rice and spices such as cocoa, cinnamon, sesame seeds, nutmeg, tiger nuts and vanilla, it is flavorsome.

One of my favorite parts is when someone orders a Fajita and you can hear the sizzling of fresh vegetables or meats on the skillet. The smell alone will make you want to go over to the person table and take a bite. I highly suggest the Fajitas for anyone trying the restaurant. You have a choice of marinated steak, chicken, or shrimp, sautéed with onions, carrots, green, red, and yellow peppers, with pico de gallo, and guacamole on the side. In the past I have also tried their burritos and enchiladas and was more than satisfied. I will be honest, I believe you will enjoy any meal you order here.

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