When you go on vacation you want everyone to have a great time. Vacation is about taking a break, making memories, and loving every second of it. Sheboygan can offer you and your family that! There are plenty of activities here that are fun for the whole family.  Check out these fun filled spots for kids in Sheboygan! 

Blue Harbor Resort

When traveling with children, staying at Blue Harbor Resort & Spa is a no-brainer. Kids will love the KidAquarium or Boathouse Suites and, of course, they’ll love the Breaker Bay Waterpark and new Rip Tide Surf Simulator too! For mom and dad, Blue Harbor offers spa treatments, spectacular dining, a casual bar with a view of Lake Michigan, and fire pits on the beach – can you say relaxing!

Bookworm Garden

Bookworm Gardens is an enchanted masterpiece of imagination. Gracing the gardens is a life-size Hansel and Gretel house nestled in a forest setting among other over-sized playhouses and exhibits built for an interactive, engaging experience. Throughout the grounds you’ll find inspiring nooks and crannies hiding your favorite childhood stories.

Above and Beyond Children’s Museum

At Above & Beyond Children’s Museum for the little ones, where kids are allowed to touch everything! They can climb a two-story tree house, move through the suspended sky crawl, land in the Music Mezzanine to play the Whompamaphone; then head off to play with any number of interactive exhibits. It’s fun, safe and, don’t tell them, but they just might learn something!

John Michael Kohler Arts Center

At the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, everything is art! Each year, thousands of visitors walk through the museum to experience world-class exhibitions and performances. But one aspect that has everyone talking are their stunning washrooms! Go peak at the potties! Each one is uniquely designed, so don’t be surprised if you see me weaving in and out of them all!

The GameBoard

Head over to The GameBoard and see what they’re playing! At The GameBoard, you’ll find a large selection of classical, collectible, fantasy, educational and party games.

Quarry Beach Adventure Park

If outdoor fun is the idea, Quarry Beach is a family-friendly water park that offers a wider variety of activities for the whole family. It’s an open-play water park with both shallow and deep water activities that are challenging and fun for all ages. There’s plenty of beach area for sunbathing, volleyball, sandcastles or just relaxing.

Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits Bright is something many people look forward to from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Not only are you able to celebrate the holidays but you’re able to do it from the warmth of your vehicle. I personally love this festive show; as you wind through a 1.1-mile route you’ll notice that the lights and the holiday music on the radio are choreographed. It truly puts you in the holiday spirit. The woods at Evergreen Park are illuminating, dazzling, and the lights twinkle with every turn. Visit once or as many times as you want! Admission is free but they gladly accept canned goods as donations


Mini Golfing

Spend the day on South Pier. Take the kiddos to Harbor Pointe Minigolf! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Sheboygan River while you battle through a kaleidoscope of obstacles. 

The County Fair

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get out of the house and relive childhood memories at the County Fair. Hop on some rides, walk through the barns and see the animals, or dig your face into your favorite fair foods!

Explore the Parks

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them have dirt. Hiking the trails in Sheboygan has become one of our favorite things to do! Each trail is different and unique, and it is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Part of me believes that walking is the best method to enjoy a grand adventure!

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