Historic Sheboygan

From the first days of trading between early settlers and Native Americans, to an influx of New Englanders followed by German, Irish and Dutch immigrants, through farming, fishing, the Civil War and transformation into a manufacturing dynasty that continued through two world wars, Sheboygan has held its history close to its heart.

Sheboygan County Historical Museum

The museum complex includes a stately brick building reflecting Judge David Taylor’s career and the era of 1850-1900, the 1864 Weinhold Family Homestead, the 1890s Schuchardt Barn with rural agricultural displays and the 1867 Bodenstab Cheese Factory with early commercial cheese-making implements. Also featured are seasonal displays, temporary exhibits, classroom and the museum store. Changing exhibits include Indian history, ice harvesting, maritime, circus, local sports, medical pharmaceutical, early agricultural and related trades.

Lao, Hmong and American Veterans Memorial

This memorial was built and established as a humble reminder of all the sacrifices made during the US Secret War in Laos during the Vietnam War era. It contains 24 panels made of black granite. Twelve are for names engraving, and 12 for narrative texts. In the center, there is mosaic design of a piece of Hmong needle work (Paj Ntaub), Symbolizing Hmong women’s contribution to the US secret war in Laos.

Franklin Haus Village Hall & Tavern

Established in 1857, the Franklin Haus, in Franklin, WI, was a popular resting point for tired travelers and farmers waiting for the mill to process their haul. The Franklin Haus features its original ballroom with an authentic spring-suspended dance floor that moves with the cadence of the crowd. An illuminated well, originally hand dug and reinforced with rock by German immigrants, may be viewed as far as the eye can see. A gilded tavern offers ten local brews on tap and a large selection of Wisconsin wines to sip. Enjoy quips of the hall’s past told by its current proprietor, and get a warm, friendly welcome and a glimpse into Sheboygan County’s German history.

Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin

A place for people to experience the world of flight, Sheboygan County’s Aviation Heritage Center offers an Aviation Museum and library. Explore the early pioneer days of barnstorming pilots landing in fields to give rides and demonstrations. Discover the golden age of aviation from the late 1920s to ’30s, and learn about the founders who established aviation success for Sheboygan County and aerial advancement throughout southeastern Wisconsin. An exciting hands-on experience for aviation enthusiasts, take a self-guided tour or schedule a guided tour.

The Wade House

Sylvanus and Betsy Wade settled halfway between Sheboygan and Fond du Lac in 1844. The site would not only become the Village of Greenbush, but it would also be a prime location for a stagecoach trail. By 1850, the Wade House stagecoach inn was taking off, and it flourished for about a decade before the railroad became the main mode of transportation. Visit the Wade House and return to a time of stagecoach travel to see a community where Yankee refinement met the Wisconsin wilderness. By the 1860s, the country was quickly moving into the Civil War, and one favorite pastime of men who had still not felt the wrath of war was baseball. Enjoy an 1860s vintage baseball re-creation, or experience the 1860s clash of arms between Union and Confederate troops at Civil War Weekend.

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