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Surf the Malibu of the Midwest!

So how do you surf Sheboygan? Lake Michigan is 310 miles long and 110 miles wide with 22,440 square miles of fresh water. It’s not a lake. It’s an inland ocean! Surfers call it the Malibu of the Midwest.

DSC_0694 (4)Recreational Novice Surfing

Even though the official Sheboygan surf season runs fall through spring, winds can kick into a whirling splendor any time. During the summer, novice surfers will enjoy warmer water temperatures peaking from late July through early September. Calmer waves at North Pier near Deland Park offer a serene paddle board experience or a fun-filled day of honing those balancing skills. (Remember, you will be less buoyant on the fresh waters of Lake Michigan.)

1412590_578781565525137_1063943040_oAdvanced Surfing

Centrally located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Sheboygan County juts out five miles into the lake. When winds of 20-25 mph blow from the northeast or west southwest, incredible, rideable waves are sculpted from the surface water. Several times a year Lake Michigan produces an open water swell of 24 feet or better. In Sheboygan, surf season starts in late August and stretches through early April. Peak surf season is mid-September to March. Winter surfing is recommended for advanced level surfers only with proper equipment. Water temperatures of 33 degrees and sub-zero wind chills with moving ice floes and icebergs create a winter adventure only seasoned knowledgeable veteran surfers will enjoy. Sign up to receive the surf report from the local surf shop, EOS.

Lake Michigan doing it’s thing, with local surfers Grant Davey, Alex Marks, Seth Gudmundson and Steen Grams. These are various clips taken over the last year that should not be contained any longer. They are for the world to enjoy, so with that being said… Enjoy! (Video by Steen Grams.)